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Immersive Experience

Learn more about our line of immersive products made for sensory support, wellness, gaming, and home entertainment.


Our Story

ImmersX is a Toronto based company that uses tactile body immersion (TBI) to design new and exciting technology made for a range of consumer markets. Currently, ImmersX supports the Deafblind community by fostering experiences that bring control back into their lives through tactile sound. 

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Why ImmersX?

Our cutting edge TBI technology is designed to target up to 10 areas of the body, providing a detailed experience that enhances your state of flow. By elevating awareness within the mind and body it offers the opportunity to bring you closer in tune with your full potential.

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Proprietary Full Frequency, multi-spectrum signals

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Signals map the body through TBI Haptic Arrays

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Largest Tactile Range (20Hz-400Hz)

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Sight, sound and body combined

Our Vision

Giving people the control to deeper connect with 
themselves and the world through exciting augmented sensory experiences.

Our Mission

To bring leading-edge sensory technology to the market by developing products that elevate the human experience.


Our Values


Create an experience that pulls you into a state of flow by using innovative haptic technology


Design comfortable seating to high 
ergonomic standards, adjustable to user’s unique needs

Form & Function

Go against the grain by matching commercial grade functionality with an added splash of design consideration

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What People are Saying...

“While many said the chair was a relaxing and comforting experience, others remarked how exciting it was for them. The ImmersX Vibro-Acoustic Chair really lets you create your own experience.

Jay Vandervlist
Activity Coordinator, Sensity


Demo / Beta Partnerships

Get in the flow

Technology that truly gets your body in the zone,  resulting in an unrivaled immersive experience.

Combined with the highest standards in ergonomics results in a product with unparalleled comfort.

Contact us to learn more about our line of immersive products made for sensory support, wellness, gaming, and home entertainment.


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